Santos Bay Boardwalk
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-02-25
Today I decided to come and revisit Santos. It had been more than 10 years since I had come to visit this beautiful city, which is located about 70 km from São Paulo. Despite being a very busy city, Santos has a lot to offer, the beaches are good, the seafront offers a very pleasant boardwalk for those who like to walk or ride a bike and it has good restaurants. Between São Vicente and Guarujá is a good option for weekends or holidays, especially for the population of greater São Paulo. One of the points of interest is its historic center with good restaurants and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Santos is a beach town, privileged by the sun and the sea of ​​calm waters, but with metropolis infrastructure and full of beauties and attractions for all ages, all year round. Santos is still one of the main cruise routes, with many of them starting or ending in this city. For diving lovers, did you know that one of the best places is off Santos? 45 km from the coast of Santos, is Laje de Santos with crystal clear water where visibility reaches 40 meters deep and which is home to an impressive fauna with colorful schools, manta rays, turtles, groupers, dolphins and, depending on the season ( and luck), you can see sharks and even whales! Santos offers you a great diversity of tourist entertainment: Schooner tours, the Santos Aquarium is the oldest in Brazil and since 1995 it has been on the Guinness World Record, among others. Santos also has the largest commercial port in Latin America.
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