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Corvo Island, Azores
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-02-24
Corvo Island is the smallest island in the Azores Archipelago and the furthest Portuguese territory from mainland Portugal.
The island of Corvo, with a population of just over 400 inhabitants, has a single village which is the capital (Vila do Corvo).
The island occupies a total surface of 17.13 km², with 6.5 km long and 4 km wide.
The highest point on the island is Estreitinho on the southern edge of the Caldeirão, at 720 meters high.
The nearest island (Ilha das Flores) is about 16 km away.
The first attempt to settle the island of Corvo began at the beginning of the 16th century by a group of 30 people, led by Antão Vaz de Azevedo but who ended up abandoning it.
Only in 1570 was the primitive church built and around 1580, settlers from the island of Flores settled in Corvo and from that date onwards permanently inhabited.
On the island of Corvo there is a single road with about 8 km that goes from Vila do Corvo to the top of the volcano.
To get to Corvo Island, you can do it by plane or by boat from Flores Island.