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Visiting Culatra Island
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-03-06
Culatra Island is the only island of the barrier island group in the Ria Formosa that is inhabited all year round and has a resident community. This community is basically formed by fishermen and their families, and today some people who are not fishermen already live on the island.
Culatra Island is a community located on the same island where the Hangares and Farol Island are located.
For those who like the beach, the coast of the island that faces the sea offers a beach of clean and transparent waters, fine sand and with great extension, on the side of the estuary, the beaches, despite the waters being warmer, the sand contains a lot of shellfish. bivalves as the estuary is very rich in clams, oysters, razor clams and cockles.
It is in the vicinity of the island of Culatra that most sailboats anchor to enjoy the calm waters and the island's protection against the winds.
One of the good reasons to visit the island of Culatra is the gastronomy, the island of Culatra has good restaurants and, of course, they specialize in seafood.
The way to reach the island of Culatra is by boat, from the port of Olhão there is a regular service all year round to the island or if you prefer you can take a taxi boat to get there faster.