General Carrera Lake landscapes
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2021-11-28
On my trip through South America in 4x4 one of the goals was to visit the Marble Chapels. To get to Puerto Rio Tranquilo, I entered Chile from Los Antiguos in Argentina, crossed the border with Chile in Chile Chico and then went 177 km along the shores of Lake General Carrera. Although the road was not good at all, as it was made of rúpio (small stones and dirt), it was worth it for the landscapes. During the 177Km, I didn't see a house, not a bar, nothing, but I saw stunning landscapes. I know that today the road is already paved, but when I went there it was more exciting, barriers, precipices and a lot of adrenaline, which ended up increasing the pleasure of the adventure. It was worth it and I recommend this trip
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