Typical village of Paderne, Algarve
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2022-02-23
Located in the interior of the Algarve region, Paderne is part of the Barrocal Algarve with a history and a past that dates back to the period of Roman occupation. Its name, Paderne, derives from the Latin, (Paterni) or the house of Paterno. Not far (about 12 km) from the county seat and one of the most important tourist destinations in the Algarve (Albufeira), the village of Paderne offers visitors several historical, scenic and cultural points of interest. Paderne still retains the rural characteristics and traces of an inland village, having as points of interest its castle (conquered from the Moors by D. Paio Peres Correia, in 1248), the Algibre and Alte streams with ruins of their old mills. of water, the Library Museum of Jornal Avezinha, the Casa Museu do Acordeão, the mill on Cerro do Leitão, which has been fully recovered and in perfect working order, the Igreja Matriz located in the center of the village. Paderne is also renowned for its gastronomy, in Paderne you can find some of the best restaurants in the Algarve.
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