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Visiting El Chalten and Mount FitzRoy
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2021-11-28
As we are approaching the small village of EL Chalten the landscape is breathtaking. Right in front of us we see the famous FitzRoy mountain, one of the most difficult climbs in the world.
El Chalten is a tourist destination primarily for hikers and climbers.
Despite the increase in visitors, El Chatlten remains a small village with a simple structure, full of backpackers, climbers and trail lovers.
Even for those who don't like to walk, El Chalten offers beautiful landscapes that you can visit by car. One of the examples is the road that connects El Chalten to Lago del Desierto, the whole route is beautiful to see and that's what I did as I'm not a lover of walking or climbing hills. There are also several options for tours in El Chaltén that you can do by boat on the great lakes visiting glaciers and more spectacular landscapes.
Mount FitzRoy, known to locals as Cerro Chaltén, is what gave the town its name. The current name of the hill is a tribute to Robert FitzRoy, captain of the HMS Beagle, the ship that took Charles Darwin on his famous voyage around the world.
In El Chaltén there are trails for all tastes and with different levels of difficulty. Most of the trails are not difficult and all are well signposted and in high season you will find a lot of people along the way.
Without a doubt, one of the places I most enjoyed visiting was El Chalten. I visited by car, to visit El Chalten, it has the closest airport in El Calafate and the best is to rent a car.
To visit el Chalten and see the main points you need at least 4 days, ideally a week.