Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the planet
Publicado por: Toni Martins em 2021-11-28
This is what we can call the trip of a lifetime. I had this dream, the dream of one day being able to visit Ushuaia but visiting by car. I made my dream come true, I went all over Brazil, Argentina and I arrived in Ushuaia without having gone through adventures before arriving. When we crossed the Strait of Magellan, the Troller's fuel tank was already showing half a tank, on the Chilean side I didn't see any gas station (but I didn't ask either) I believed that maybe along the way I would find... Nothing, not even a sign of a gas station . I was controlling consumption towards the south towards the Chile/Argentina border, using the GPS I could see that there was a village and I thought that I had put it there, it was already the end of the day when we passed the strait, so we were already walking through the night, land, and nobody could see any houses or other cars. Arriving at this village at around 23:20, the reservation signal had already lit up many kilometers ago. To my disappointment.. no fuel, at a local cafe they informed me that there was a gas station at the border and that it was about 10 km away, but that the station closed at midnight. I went to the border hoping that the fuel would run out at all times but luckily we arrived. As it was almost midnight I asked the guard to let me go for gas before the gas station closed. (authorized). With the border formalities done, it was time to continue the trip to Ushuaia, but I had seen some pictures of the landscapes arriving in Ushuaia, and I didn't even think I was going to continue my trip at night. We stopped at a pueblo just after the border and slept inside the Troller so we could make the day trip. Imagine the cold we went through, but it was worth it. We arrived in Ushuaia, looked for a hotel to rest a little and started the visits on the same day. We went to the end of Carretera nº3 to visit Bahía Lapataia where it is known as the end of the world. The next day we went for a ride on the Tren del fin del Mundo, an old-fashioned train that tries to show what it was like when it transported prisoners who were going to cut wood. The round trip on the Tren del fin del Mundo is about 2 hours, it is well worth making the trip as it has very beautiful landscapes of the valleys and mountains that surround Ushuaia. The next day we took the tour of the Beagle channel aboard a catamaran along the channel where we can observe the sea lions and other marine animals, the tour took us to visit the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, the Island of the Birds, the Island of the Lions marine. The rest of the time we spent in Ushuaia (3 days) we took the opportunity to get to know the surroundings with beautiful landscapes and of course try the local cuisine. Although we were in Ushuaia in the month of January, it was quite cold, so much so that we had to buy appropriate clothes. It really was the realization of a dream, not just Ushuaia but the entire journey to and from there.
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Ushuaia . Tierra del Fuego . Argentina
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